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Our Products

Rubi 10mm x 10mm Steel Trowel 72903
Rubi 120mm Diamond Hole Cutter 04977
Rubi 12mm Minigres Diamond Hole Cutter 04933
Rubi 12mm x 12mm Large Steel trowel 73973
Rubi 12mm x 12mm Stainless Trowel 74942
Rubi 14mm Minigres Diamond Hole Cutter 04934
Rubi 160mm x 76mm Flat Nose Trowel Small 75016
Rubi 160mm x 92mm Round Nose Trowel Medium 77316
Rubi 180mm x 105mm Flat Nose Trowel Medium 75418
Rubi 18mm Gold Scoring Wheel 01952
Rubi 18mm Gold Scoring Wheel 01994
Rubi 18mm Scoring Wheel 01950
Rubi 18mm Scoring Wheel 01992
Rubi 18mm Scoring Wheel 01976 D
Rubi 1mm Long Leg Crosses (1000) 02030
Rubi 2.0mm Long Leg Crosses (1000) 02972
Rubi 2.0mm Standard Crosses (1000) 02000
Rubi 200mm x 110mm Flat Nose Trowel Large 75420
Rubi 20mm Diamond Hole Cutter 04970
Rubi 20mm x 20mm Large Steel trowel 75962
Rubi 22mm Gold Bearings Scoring Wheel 18912
Rubi 22mm Gold Scoring Wheel 01965
Rubi 22mm Scoring Wheel 01962
Rubi 22mm Scoring Wheel 18914
Rubi 27mm Hole Drill 04960
Rubi 28mm Diamond Hole Cutter 04971
Rubi 3.0mm Long Leg Crosses (1000) 02973
Rubi 35mm Hole Drill 04962
Rubi 35mm Diamond Hole Cutter 04972
Rubi 3m Ironblade Metal Case Tape Measure 75903
Rubi 3mm T Spacers (1000) 02063
Rubi 3mm x 3mm Stainless Trowel 74936
Rubi 4.0mm Crosses (1000) 02974
Rubi 4.5mm x 4.5mm Stainless Trowel 74937
Rubi 400mm Standard Repeater Bar TX700/900 17813
Rubi 45mm Hole Drill 04964
Rubi 5.0mm Crosses (1000) 02002
Rubi 50mm Diamond Hole Cutter 04973
Rubi 55mm Hole Drill 04965
Rubi 5m Ironblade Metal Case Tape Measure 75904
Rubi 5mm T Spacers (1000) 02064
Rubi 5mm Wedge (500) 02950
Rubi 6 & 10mm Scoring Wheels 01948
Rubi 6 Cutter Diamond Drill Set 20-65mm 50903
Rubi 6.5mm Easy Gres Diamond Hole Cutting Kit 04925 D
Rubi 600mm Floor Squeegee (WITHOUT Handle) 70905
Rubi 65mm Hole Drill 04966
Rubi 65mm Diamond Hole Cutter 04974
Rubi 6mm Minigres Diamond Hole Cutter 04930
Rubi 6mm Scoring Wheel 01945