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Our Products

Rubi Slim System Cutter 110cm Rail 18913
Rubi Slim System Cutter 18911
Rubi Slim System Easy Trans 18910
Rubi Sponge Pad with Handle 20914
Rubi Standard Grout Float (Plastic Handle) 65971
Rubi Standard Grout Float (Wooden Handle) 65970
Rubi Standard Lateral Stop TS30/40/50 PTT15752
Rubi Standard Sponge 20905
Rubi Standard Tile Nippers 65926
Rubi Sucker Pad 65900
Rubi Sweepex Superpro Sponge with Slits 20932
Rubi TC180 Circular Hand Saw 110v 50949D
Rubi TC180 Circular Hand Saw 230v 50939
Rubi TC180 Connecting Bar 50957
Rubi TC180 Guide Rail 1200mm 50959
Rubi TC180 Guide Rail 800mm 50956
Rubi TC180 Guide Rail Clamp 50958
Rubi TC180 Water Feed Connector 51319
Rubi TCR SUPERPRO 115mm Dry Cut Diamond Blade 31972
Rubi TCR SUPERPRO 125mm Dry Cut Diamond Blade 31973
Rubi TCR SUPERPRO 180mm Dry Cut Diamond Blade 31975
Rubi TF-Meister 60 NO Case 15960
Rubi TF-Meister 60 WITH Case 15961
Rubi TF-Meister 90 NO Case 15964
Rubi Tile Levelling Caps 02980
Rubi Tile Levelling Pliers 02982
Rubi Tile Levelling Starter Pack 02992
Rubi Tile Levelling Straps (100) 02981
Rubi Tile Levelling Straps (200) 02948
Rubi Tile Levelling Straps (400) 02949
Rubi TM Spare Breaker Handle 16872
Rubi TON SUPERPRO 200mm Diamond Blade 31906
Rubi TON SUPERPRO 250mm Diamond Blade 31909
Rubi TON SUPERPRO 300mm Diamond Blade 31910
Rubi TP-66-S Tile Cutter 12954
Rubi TP-66-T Tile Cutter 12955
Rubi TP-75-S Tile Cutter 12956
Rubi TP-75-T Tile Cutter 12957
Rubi TP-93-S Tile Cutter 12958
Rubi TP-93-T Tile Cutter 12959
Rubi TR & TR-S Seperator/Tool Holder BARE 17842
Rubi TR & TR-S Seperator/Tool Holder Set 17851
Rubi TR-600-S Square Set 17858
Rubi TR-S Repeater Bar Mount 17279
Rubi TR600 Magnet 17905
Rubi TR700S Tile Cutter 17949D
Rubi TS & TS+ Breaker Cam 07157
Rubi TS 70 Plus Tile Cutter 16970D
Rubi TS Breaker Bottom Arm 07156
Rubi TS Classic Breaker 07870