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Our Products

Sigma 2G Series 3 Professional Tile Cutter 37cm
Sigma 3.0mm Crosses (500) 40-X3
Sigma 3B4 Series 3 Professional Tile Cutter 67cm 3B4
Sigma 3B4M MAX Professional Tile Cutter 62.5cm
Sigma 3C2 Series 3 Professional Tile Cutter 77cm
Sigma 3C3M MAX Professional Tile Cutter 72cm
Sigma 3D2 Series 3 Professional Tile Cutter 95cm
Sigma 3D3M MAX Professional Tile Cutter 90cm
Sigma 3E3M MAX Professional Tile Cutter 126cm
Sigma 3F3M MAX Professional Tile Cutter 151cm
Sigma 3G Series 3 Professional Tile Cutter 45cm
Sigma 3G, 3L, 3G3M & 3L3M Kit Mosaic 64B
Sigma 3G3M MAX Professional Tile Cutter 42cm
Sigma 3GMOS Series 3 Professional Mosaic Tile Cutter 45cm
Sigma 3L Series 3 Professional Tile Cutter 55cm
Sigma 3L3M MAX Professional Tile Cutter 50.5cm
Sigma 3mm T Spacers (500) 40T3
Sigma 3P3M MAX Professional Tile Cutter 100cm
Sigma 4.0mm Crosses (500) 40-X4
Sigma 4mm T Spacers (500) 40T4
Sigma 5.0mm Crosses (500) 40-X5
Sigma 5mm T Spacers (500) 40T5
Sigma 7.0mm Crosses (500) 40-X7
Sigma 7mm T Spacers (500) 40T7
Sigma 8C-2 KERA-CUT 1510mm Tile Cutter 8C-2
Sigma 8CE KERA-CUT EXT Starter Rail 1510mm Tile Cutter 8CE
Sigma 8CEP KERA-CUT EXT Extention Rail 1610mm 8CEP
Sigma 8DE KERA-CUT EXT Starter Rail 2010mm Tile Cutter 8DE
Sigma 8DEP KERA-CUT EXT Extention Rail 2110mm 8DEP
Sigma 8E-2 KERA-CUT 3010mm Tile Cutter 8E-2
Sigma 8mm x 110mm Long Life Diamond Grinding Wheel M14 Tread 72L
Sigma Aluminium Sucker Cup 51B
Sigma Base Rubber Foot 106725
Sigma Breaker Bar Adjuster Nut
Sigma Bullnose Machine 34D D
Sigma Bullnose Machine Table Mount 34F D
Sigma Case Replacement Clip
Sigma Diamond Grinding Pad BLUE 1500 Grit 72G
Sigma Diamond Grinding Pad GREEN 50 Grit 72E
Sigma Diamond Grinding Pad Holder 72D
Sigma Diamond Grinding Pad RED 200 Grit 72F
Sigma Imperial Measurement Tape 107125
Sigma Jolly Angle Chamfer Machine (Old Model) 37A D
Sigma Jolly Edge Mitre/Bullnose/Chamfer Machine (2017 Model) 37A1
Sigma Jolly Edge Mitre/Bullnose/Chamfer Machine Bench Fixing Kit (2017 Model) 37C
Sigma KERA-CUT Aluminium Suction Cup 51C
Sigma KERA-CUT Heavy Duty Seperator 41D
Sigma KERA-CUT Pinza Breaking Pliers 41C
Sigma KERA-FLEX Bosch GWS 7-115 Grinder Attachment 38F8
Sigma KERA-FLEX Grinder Attachment 38F3