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Our Products

Sigma Diamond Grinding Pad BLUE 1500 Grit 72G
Sigma Diamond Grinding Pad GREEN 50 Grit 72E
Sigma Diamond Grinding Pad Holder 72D
Sigma Diamond Grinding Pad RED 200 Grit 72F
Sigma Imperial Measurement Tape 107125
Sigma Jolly Edge Mitre/Bullnose/Chamfer Machine (2017 Model) 37A1
Sigma Jolly Edge Mitre/Bullnose/Chamfer Machine Bench Fixing Kit (2017 Model) 37C
Sigma KERA-CUT Aluminium Suction Cup 51C
Sigma KERA-CUT Heavy Duty Seperator 41D
Sigma KERA-CUT Pinza Breaking Pliers 41C
Sigma KERA-FLEX Universal Grinder Attachment 38F11
Sigma KERA-LIFT Carriage Kit Two Wheel For 1A , 1B ART. 305
Sigma Klick Klock 10mm Handle 70/90cm 24AK
Sigma Klick Klock 15mm Handle 100cm & 126cm 24EK
Sigma Klick Klock 8mm Handle 60cm 24K
Sigma L/H Rear support arm 1079119
Sigma Lateral Bar Bottom Sliding Nut 1079104
Sigma Lateral Bar Locking Handle 108621
Sigma Max 10mm Handle 70/90cm 24M10X
Sigma Max 15mm Handle for 3P3M 100cm & 3E3M 126cm Tile Cutter 24M15X
Sigma Max 8mm Handle 45/53/55/63cm 24M08X
Sigma Max Handle Replacement Foot Protector 104058
Sigma Professional Tile Cutter Case (Fits Cutters up to 770mm Cut) 43
Sigma R/H Rear support arm ART283
Sigma Settori Ravvicinati 200mm x 30.0 Diamond Blade 60B
Sigma Settori Ravvicinati 230mm x 30.0 Diamond Blade 86C
Sigma Settori Ravvicinati 250mm x 30.0 Diamond Blade 79C
Sigma Settori Ravvicinati 300mm x 30.0 Diamond Blade 74C
Sigma Simple Bevel Machine (NEW 2017 MODEL) 36A4
Sigma Simple Bevel Machine Bench Fixing Kit (New 2017 Model) 36C4
Sigma Standard & Klick Klock Handle Replacement Foot Protector 104033
Sigma Standard 10mm Handle 24AE
Sigma Standard 8mm Handle 24E
Sigma Support Arm L/H 104064
Sigma Support Arm R/H 104065
Silicone Eater 150ML SILEAT
Silicone Removing Tool 864SR
Silicone Sealant Finishing Tools 865SF
Silicone Smoother VIT102283
Siliex Silicone Strip Out Tool 501290
Silverline 3m Auto Lock Tape Measure 633848
Silverline 5m Auto Lock Tape Measure 868787
Silverline 8m Auto Lock Tape Measure 675251
Sliding Bevel CB71
Small Plasterers Tool 456906
Smart 20pc Multi-Tool Accessory Kit in Case H20MAK
Smart 4pc Tiling Kit SM4-TK
Smart Nipper 32mm Long Life Precision Tooth Blade H32HW1
Smart Nipper 35mm Piranha Heat Treated Blade 035HCT1
Smart Nipper 44mm Nail Buster Extreme Bi Metal Blade 044BMT1