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Our Products

Swiss Tech Mini Multi Tool 8 in 1
Tarpaulin 3.6m x 4.8m 282423
Temporary Dust Shield Complete System B869001
Temporary Plastic L-Shaped Zipper Door B869635
Temporary Plastic U-Shaped Zipper Door 880ZD
Test product PALLET (adam)
Tile Edge Pro ™ 1000mm Batten
Tile Edge Pro ™ 1500mm Batten
Tile Edge Pro ™ 2.5m 2 Length Self Adhesive Batten Set
Tile Edge Pro ™ 2000mm Batten
Tile Edge Pro ™ 200mm Batten
Tile Edge Pro ™ 300mm Batten
Tile Edge Pro ™ 4.5m 3 Length Self Adhesive Batten Set
Tile Edge Pro ™ 400mm Batten
Tile Edge Pro ™ 5m Self Adhesive Batten Set TEP5
Tile Edge Pro ™ 600mm Batten
Tile Edge Pro ™ Locator Clamps 10 Pack TEP10
Tile Edge Pro ™ Locator Stickers 200 Pack TEP200
Tile Edge Pro™ 2.5m 5 Length Self Adhesive Starter Set
Tile File Flat Fine Blade 457036
Tile In Soil Pipe Collar 840
Tile Removing Scraper 920TR
Tile Removing Sliding Hammer Scraper 250-800mm B869310D
Tile Removing Tool 2 size plates supplied PTTZMJ756
Tile Saw Blade 150mm 2880
Tile Saw Blade With Pins 150mm 2882
Tile Saw Miricle Blade 2883
Tile Trix Tile Spacer Punch
Toughbuilt FOAM Thigh Support Knee Pads TOU-KP-01300A
Toughbuilt GEL Thigh Support Knee Pads TOU-KP-0G300A
Trade Trim
Transparent Retractable Knife HN00258M D
TX Lateral Stop Clamp Knob 12102
Velcro Block Cut Washboy Sponge Float 4911428
Vitrex 4 Piece Accessory Pack MLT003
Vitrex Diamond Blade 110mm Glass 103417
Vitrex Diamond Blade 110mm Hi Glaze 103416
Vitrex Diamond Blade Standard 110mm 103409
Vitrex Multi Tool 8 Piece Accessory Blade Set MLT002
Vitrex Power Pro 750 Wet Saw 110v 103421
Vitrex Power Pro 750 Wet Saw 240v 103420
Vitrex Power Pro 750 Wet Saw Replacement Blade Guard 1420BG00V
Vitrex Standard Blade 180mm 103407
Water & Chemical Drip Tray 1110 x 1110 x 120mm PTT G127B
Water & Chemical Drip Tray 555 x 405 x 120mm PTT G100B
Water & Chemical Drip Tray 555 x 555 x 70mm PTT G45B
Water & Chemical Drip Tray 715 x 715 x 120mm PTT G172B
Water & Chemical Drip Tray 905 x 455 x 150mm PTT G95B
Water & Chemical Drip Tray 910 x 910 x 120mm PTT G112B
WD40 100ml W/D100