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Our Products

Bosch PCL10 Cross Line Laser Set + Tripod 0603008101
Bosch PCL20 Cross Line Laser Set + Wall Plate + Tripod 0603008201
Bosch PLL360 Tiling Laser Set 0603663001
Bosch PLT2 Tile Laser 603664000
Bosch Professional Plus Wet & Dry Diamond Blade 200mm 2608602208
Bosch Robust Line Multi Construction Masonary Drill Set 2607010522
Bostik ShowerProof Wall Tile Adhesive 15ltr 31SHOWERE
Breaking Nippers 10889/4067
Broom Handle 999088
Broom Head (Hard) 12in FAIBRBASS12
Broom Head (Soft) 12in 282555
Bulb 60watt Bayonet Cap 240v
Bulb 60watt Screw In 110v
Carpenters Pencils 250227
Chalk Line Chalk Blue FAICPBLUE
Chalk Line Chalk White FAICPWHITE DD
Chalk Line Chalk Yellow FAICPYELLOW DD
Chinagraph Pencil Black 7390947
Chinagraph Pencil Red 7497519
Chinagraph Pencil White 7464601
Cobolt Hacksaw Blades 456985
Cold Chiesel 1in FAI121PG
Combi Square B/S33924
Comfort Dust Masks 50pk 266831
Compound Mitre Saw 150mm FAIMITRESAW
Contractor Pro Clear Safety Glasses VIT332108
Crain Ball End Steel Handle Scraper 125 x 560mm 19945
Crain Ball End Steel Scraper Replacement Blades 125mm (5") 19946
Crescent Professional WaterPump Pliers 7in CRER27C
Dark Beech Fast Fit Ramp 0.92m TCR409.132
DCU750X Diamond Core Set In Case 252.512.0002
DCU750X Diamond Core Set In Tube 3999.101.108
Devi Cable Monitor 19119978
DEVIbasic 20S (DSIG) Cable 110.0Lm 2215W Heating Area 10.5m² 140F0224
DEVIbasic 20S (DSIG) Cable 131.0Lm 2640W Heating Area 12.5m² 140F0225
DEVIbasic 20S (DSIG) Cable 14.0Lm 260W Heating Area 1.3m² 140F0215
DEVIbasic 20S (DSIG) Cable 159.0Lm 3170W Heating Area 15.0m² 140F0226
DEVIbasic 20S (DSIG) Cable 18.0Lm 375W Heating Area 1.8m² 140F0216
DEVIbasic 20S (DSIG) Cable 192.0Lm 3855W Heating Area 18.0m² 140F0227
DEVIbasic 20S (DSIG) Cable 228.0Lm 4565W Heating Area 22.5m² 140F0228
DEVIbasic 20S (DSIG) Cable 26.0Lm 520W Heating Area 2.6m² 140F0217
DEVIbasic 20S (DSIG) Cable 32.0Lm 640W Heating Area 3.2m² 140F0218
DEVIbasic 20S (DSIG) Cable 39.0Lm 800W Heating Area 4.0m² 140F0219
DEVIbasic 20S (DSIG) Cable 53.0Lm 1070W Heating Area 5.0m² 140F0220
DEVIbasic 20S (DSIG) Cable 63.0Lm 1260W Heating Area 6.0m² 140F0221
DEVIbasic 20S (DSIG) Cable 74.0Lm 1465W Heating Area 7.0m² 140F0222
DEVIbasic 20S (DSIG) Cable 9.0Lm 170W Heating Area 0.8m² 140F0260
DEVIbasic 20S (DSIG) Cable 91.0Lm 1820W Heating Area 8.5m² 140F0223
DEVIfast Fixing Strip 19808236