A few top tips 30th April 2018

There are a lot of tiling tool suppliers out there, but Pro Tiler Tools has something that sets us apart from the competition. We’re a company that’s been built from the ground up by tiling professionals, which means that we only stock things that we use ourselves. We know what you’ll need to get the job done well, and we’re always happy to talk tiling.  

There are a few insider tiling tips that we think everybody should know - make sure you read this before you start your project!

1) Preparation, preparation, preparation

There’s nothing like poor prep to make sure a job goes badly. A quick trip around with a tape measure isn’t going to cut it - you need to know the room inside out in order to do the best tiling job you can. If you’ve not made notes of how square and flat your surface is, how even the edges are, and any difficult shapes that you’re going to need to deal with, then you’re setting yourself up for a stressful job. You can level the surface and lay out your lines with the knowledge that your job will go far more smoothly.

2) More is more!

When buying tiles, you should always be accounting for the potential wastage that you might accumulate in a job. Calculate the amount of tiles you’ll need, then add a good amount more to make up for cracked, dropped or imperfect tiles. We usually suggest 10% of your total, so if you’re going to need 50 tiles to complete your project, get 5 extra. You’ll thank us when you realise that you need some extra tile to get around a tough corner and the supplier has run out of the colour that you’re using.

3) Work backwards

This is the sort of tip that might seem obvious, but every tiler has had the experience of learning this lesson too late. Make sure that you always work backwards, tiling in a way that leaves you a way out that doesn’t involve stepping on freshly tiled floors. There’s nothing worse than realising that you’ve tiled yourself into a corner!

4) Get your grouting right

Grouting is the difference between a professionally finished tiling job and a messy one. It’s tempting to apply grout too early, but this can misalign your tiles if you start when the adhesive isn’t fully dry. Wait enough time for things to be fully dry before you start, and then apply your grout with a grout float in a diagonal motion. This gives a more even finish than straight or vertical lines.

Our team of professional tilers are some of the best around. We’re always by the phone, ready to give some experienced advice to our customers. If you’re not sure about what you need, we’ll always be ready to help.