Kerakoll H40 Gel Adhesive: A Multipurpose Tile Adhesive6th May 2022

Kerakoll H40 Gel Adhesive - Pro Tiler Tools


Made using specially selected raw materials such as pure white cements, the new Kerakoll H40 adhesive range is here to meet the needs of the most demanding tiling professionals. Holding the tile with no vertical slip and suitable for all types of substrates, the H40 gel range makes it easy for tilers to create a perfectly level installation.

Pure white carbonate when mixed with water, increases coverage, workability and improves the mix, making it easy to apply with a spreader and ensuring the thickness remains unchanged under the weight of the tile. Fully wetting the tile, H40 adhesive makes it easier to solid bed the tiles. Creating a compact layer of adhesive between the substrate and the tile, without any voids, it maximises the contact surface and ensures a long-lasting bond. This structural bond evens out the stresses to which the tiling is subjected, giving a robust hold.

The solution for every situation, Kerakoll H40 Gel adhesive range guarantees the quality, safety and comfort of the tiling installation for which they are used. Whether you are using large format tiles, heated screeds, tiling heavy traffic areas or creating wet rooms and swimming pools, the H40 gel adhesives from Kerakoll offer unrivalled technical and aesthetic performance.
Kerakoll H40 Gel

Brand new to the UK market, and now available to buy at Pro Tiler Tools, Kerakoll H40 Gel Adhesive is a standard-setting, multipurpose gel adhesive, structural, flexible, thixotropic and fluid. Perfect for tiles and stone of all types and formats, this gel adhesive boasts high adhesion and deformability, extended open time and pot-life and is non-slump and non-slip too.

The Kerakoll H40 Gel Tile Adhesive comes in 20kg bags and is available in both an unmistakable shock white and grey. If your job requires a larger amount of adhesive, you can also buy a full 48 bag pallet, at a discounted rate.


Buy Now: Kerakoll H40 Gel Adhesive Standard Set S1 20kg Grey

Buy Now: Kerakoll H40 Gel Adhesive Standard Set S1 20kg White

Compatible Substrates:

  • Existing Tiles

  • Waterproofing Products

  • Heating Systems

  • Cement-Based Screeds

  • Asphalt Screeds

  • Concrete Substrates

  • Plasterboard

  • Fibro-Cement Slabs

  • Gypsum And Anhydrite

  • Brick/Blockwork

  • Lime And Cement-Based Plasters/Renders

  • Thermal Insulation Panelling Systems

  • Insulating Panels

  • Impact Noise Insulation Sheets

  • Timber - Metal PVC

Kerakoll H40 Advanced

This next-generation superior rapid-setting gel adhesive is the first of its kind - guaranteeing long workability and accelerated adhesion, ensuring safe application on-site. Greenbuild rating approved and with no environmental hazard rating, this adhesive doesn’t cause irritation. Gel technology revolutionises the way that adhesive is used on-site, which is in contrast to traditional adhesives that could be inconsistent and difficult to use.

The Kerakoll H40 Advanced Tile Adhesive also comes in 20kg bags and is available in both an unmistakable shock white and grey. For larger jobs you can also pick up a full 48 bag pallet for a reduced price per bag.

Buy Now: Kerakoll H40 Advanced Adhesive Rapid Set S1 20kg Grey

Buy Now: Kerakoll H40 Advanced Adhesive Rapid Set S1 20kg White

Areas of Application & Intended Use

Both Kerakoll H40 Gel Tile Adhesive and Kerakoll H40 Advanced are suitable for use internally and externally in domestic, commercial and industrial settings. Ideal for applying to walls or floors and overlaying old tiles, these new adhesives can be used for a multitude of jobs including terraces and balconies, facades, swimming pools, fountains, saunas, spas and street furniture.

Extremely versatile, these tile adhesives can be used with a variety of tile and stone materials, including:

  • Porcelain Tiles

  • Ceramic Tiles

  • Glass Tiles & Mosaics

  • Marble & Natural Stone

  • Laminated Stoneware

  • Recomposed Materials

  • Large Format Tiles

  • Low Thickness Slabs

  • 300x150 cm Slabs

  • Thermal & Acoustic Insulation

  • Terracotta - Klinker

H40 Extreme

A hybrid gel adhesive for extreme applications, the new H40 Extreme Gel Adhesive revolutionises the world of reactive adhesives thanks to its unique fluidity and extreme flexibility. Perfect for the most extreme laying conditions, it offers a unique level of fluidity as it is five times less viscous than traditional polyurethane adhesives. Ten times more deformable than generic S2 adhesives, it guarantees the highest level of long-lasting performance.

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