Tile Levelling Systems7th January 2019

Tile Levelling Systems are quickly becoming the most essential tool in many peoples toolbox.

Here at Pro Tiler Tools, we have the advantage in being able to use these systems ourselves to get some first-hand feedback before we add them to our ever-growing product range.

There are many variations of Tile Levelling Systems available, but we can pretty much split these into 2 different types Wedge Systems or Strap & Cap Systems.


Wedge Systems

Wedge systems are currently the most popular levelling system we offer this is down to a couple of reasons the first being price and the second being easy of use.

Many tile fitters choosing wedge systems as they require no additional tools for fitting, there are optional tools available like the PREMTOOL Floor Pliers & Wall Pliers each of which offers a much more comfortable grip than having to use your thumbs.

The two wedge systems we have available in the wedge style are the Premtool & the Vitrex.

The Vitrex is a small wedge system with a curved base plate.

The Premtool is a normal wedge system which has a flat base plate but has additional pliers available as above. 


Strap & Cap Systems

Strap and cap systems are an excellent alternative to wedge systems, they tend to take slightly longer to install but because the cap levels the tiles from above there is no lateral pressure/movement applied to the tile.

Strap systems use levelling pliers to push the re-useable cap down onto the tile, in the case of the Genesis Easy Level system the pliers can be upgraded to a mounting gun which comes with 5 different pre-set tensions this allows you to change the tension to suit the tile/material you may be using. 

We offer 2 different brands of strap & cap systems Easy Level by Genesis & also the Rubi Tile Levelling Straps.

Both of these systems have a slightly curved base but they are nice and thin and the straps are very flexible which also aids in giving them great tension strengths.


If you are still left confused by any of the above please feel free to give one of our experienced team members a call.