Rubber & Hide Mallets

Pro Tiler Tools is your one stop for everything DIY related. We stock of an ever expanding range of Mallets. Pro Tiler Tools boasts an impressive selection of exciting range of Hand Tools, which have been carefully sourced to meet all your requirements. We work hard to ensure our products are competitively priced, without compromising on service.

Orders can be made on our website 24/7, however, if you need help locating a product that fits your requirements, we can talk you through all the options available and fit it to suit your budget.

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Olympia Rubber Mallet 680g (24oz)
£5.82 ex VAT
£6.98 inc VAT
Olympia Rubber Mallet 907g (32oz)
£6.96 ex VAT
£8.35 inc VAT
Thor 108 Hide Mallet Size 0 (25mm) 60g
£10.05 ex VAT
£12.06 inc VAT
Thor 110 Hide Mallet Size 1 (32mm) 115g
£12.27 ex VAT
£14.72 inc VAT
Thor 112 Hide Mallet Size 2 (38mm) 170g
£14.92 ex VAT
£17.90 inc VAT
Thor 114 Hide Mallet Size 3 (44mm) 225g
£17.60 ex VAT
£21.12 inc VAT
Thor 116 Hide Mallet Size 4 (50mm) 340g
£23.09 ex VAT
£27.71 inc VAT
Thor 120 Hide Mallet Size 5 (63mm) 570g
£28.68 ex VAT
£34.42 inc VAT
Thor 122 Hide Mallet Size 6 (70mm) 680g
£33.62 ex VAT
£40.34 inc VAT
Thor 957 Black Rubber Mallet 90mm 1200g
£10.65 ex VAT
£12.78 inc VAT
Vitrex Non Marking Rubber Mallet
£4.79 ex VAT
£5.75 inc VAT