10 x 10 Dark Silver Sparkle Listello 1.0Lm PTT1017/GL19

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Dark Silver Sparkle Listello 1.0Lm PTT1017/GL19

Length: 1.0Lm

£12.99 ex vat
£15.59 inc vat

Generally you need tile trim between 1.5 - 2.0mm deeper than your tiles to allow for the adhesive.

  • Dark Silver Sparkle Listello 1.0Lm PTT1017/GL19​
  • Length: 1.0Lm
  • This versatile Listello can be used horizontally or vertically as a feature strip in wall applications.
  • Create an extra special look to your tiling with these fantastic coloured Sparkle Listellos.
  • It can also be used as a divider, crack inducer or even as a decorative feature as well as a Listello strip to break up an expanse of mosaic or standard tiling.

Order a 100mm sample piece which will be Dispatched Mon-Fri Only, Order before 12.00pm for same day Dispatch.

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