Battipav Basic Plus 60 Manual Tile Cutter 2060

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Just score and tap the handle!


600mm Straight cutting length.

420mm x 420mm tile cut diagonally.

12mm Maximum Cutting Thickness.

Weight 4.7kg.

£60.38 ex vat
£72.46 inc vat

Manual tile cutter for diagonal and straight cuts on single-double fired ceramic and gres.
Diagonal fence included.
Simple, light, nice design and with innovative technical solutions.



Big size breaking foot for cutting the tile easier. Cutting wheel Ø 15 mm. Tile cutting possible in every point due to a new system of angolation between the wheel and the breaking foot.
Sliding carriage on oval chromium plated bars and base in shaped steel for having high rigidity.
Diagonal fence adjustable from 45° to 90° (only for Basic Plus model) and graduated scale in cm. and inches.


Sliding Carriage

Sliding carriage in technopolymer of high resistance much more than aluminium.
– no clogging
– no risk of oxid
– no oil’s use


Cut By Pushing The Cutting Lever

Cut by pushing the cutting lever. Possibility to break the tile in every point.