DEVImat Contract DTIR-100 100W For Timber Floors

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For Timber Floors


4mm Wire Thickness

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The devimat 100 Series is ideally suited to heating tiled Timber floors when a secondary heat source is required. i.e. There is also a Radiator or heated Towel Rail Fitted. Also timber and concrete floors with parquet Flooring.

Also suitable for heated walls.

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Mat Size: 1.0m2  to 12.0m2 - 50cm x 200cm (per m²)

Wattage: 100W

Wire Size: 4mm

Conductor: Twin

High Grade Lead Free PVC.

Rated Temperature: 120C

The mat is simply rolled out, cut and turned to fit the available free floor area.

A flexible tile adhesive/self levelling compound and the chosen floor covering is then laid.

As the cable is a twin conductor, there is no second tail to return to the thermostat, saving on installation time and cost.

The Mats have an Ultra-Strong duel adhesion system.

The self-adhesive effect can withstand 10-20 adjustments, so you can move the mat several times until you are satisfied with the result.

Comprehensive Devi Floor Guard Decade Warranty.

Devi not only guarantees it's heating systems but also guarantees the floor in the unlikely event that the system cannot be repaired due to a manufacturing fault. Other manufacturers only offer product warranties which Do Not include the replacement of the flooring Free of Charge.

So in the unlikely event that their product fails as a result of manufacturing defect, they will repair or replace the product AND your floor covering, free of charge.

This warranty extends throughout the world and offers you the most comprehensive cover available.