Fento 100 Trouser Knee Pads

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100% Comfort
Flexible and very durable
Ergonomic wedge ™ gives pressure distribution
Prevents knee and back problems
Fits in every work trousers
Breathable and waterproof
Weight: 150 gram
Recommended by doctors and physiotherapists

£39.99 ex vat
£47.99 inc vat

The FENTO 100 is the first ergonomic knee pad that can be worn underneath your work trousers. The FENTO 100 supports and protects the knee and the lower leg when you kneel. The idea behind the FENTO knee pad is simple: comfort through natural pressure distribution. A unique wedge™ supports the lower leg and compels the user to adopt the correct posture. Furthermore, this knee pad offers greater comfort while seated and truly prevents knee and back problems. The FENTO 100 is comfortable whether you are sitting or walking. The inner layer is comfortable, breathable and very durable. The outer layer is waterproof and robust. After years of development and testing, the FENTO 100 knee pad is now ready. ‘We noticed that there was a demand for an ergonomically well-designed knee protector that fits under all work trousers.’ All FENTO knee protectors have CE certification: CE DIN EN 14404