FILA FUGANET Grout Cleaner Spray 750ml

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Thoroughly cleans grouts in ceramic tile floors and walls. Suitable for single-fired and double-fired porcelain tiles. Unsuitable only for porous surfaces treated with wax.


Ideal For

Concrete Grout Joints

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  • Extremely practical, easy-to-use bottle with ergonomic grip and spray applicator.
  • Does not damage or corrode wall tiles
  • Does not contain acids or sodium hypochlorite.



Ideal For

Concrete Grout Joints



This product makes methacrylate surfaces dull, use with care near methacrylate baths and basins.

How to use


Test patch recommended before use

No dilution required: Ready to use



1. Spray the product directly onto the grout to be cleaned.2. Leave for a few minutes.3. Work with a coarse cloth or brush.4. Rinse thoroughly.If the grout has ingrained grime, the first cleaning operation should be done with a solution of DETERDEK in a ratio of 1:10.