Genesis Easy Level System G2 Mounting Gun 675

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Torque Adjustment So You Dont Snap The Strap

Snap Off Setting

Easy To Use

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This is the upgrade G2 Torque Adjusable Gun for the Genesis Easy Level System.

Although it's quite expensive it's worth its weight in Gold.

The Torque adjustibility means you can set it to tighten up the strap to the maximum so it doesn't snap, and get the best possible results.

Once the adheasive is dry, set the gun to snap and it over tightens the strap and snaps it off. Easy peasy.



1 x Adjustable Mounting Gun G2


Virtually eliminates Lippage

Dramatically reduces installation time

Professional finish - Consistant grout lines (1.55mm)

Universally compatible Base

Maximum working Depth 70mm

Secure Caps minimise movement

Caps are reusable

Large cap option for tiles over 60 x 60cm

Installation Tool for quicker application and removal

Ideal for walls and Floors