Grabo PLUS Portable Cordless Vacuum Suction Cup For Smooth & Rough Surfaces With Pressure Gauge 14.8v Li-ion

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This is the PLUS model that has a built-in vacuum pressure gauge.

Perfect for use on smooth & rough surfaces, even on rough paving slabs.

Dimensions: 297 x 181 x 115mm

Charge time: 2 Hours

Working time (Full Charge): 1.5 Hours

£179.99 ex vat
£215.99 inc vat

A fully portable electric vacuum suction cup intended to lift, move, and place everything from tiles and drywall to furniture and large appliances.

The Grabo PLUS features up to 170kg of grabbing force and can secure to almost any surface, enabling you to handle unwieldy loads quicker and more safely than ever before. All while minimizing the risk of damage to expensive materials.

Built-in Pressure gauge

Perfect for use on smooth & rough surfaces, even on rough paving slabs


  • Two 14.8v Li-ion battery packs
  • Battery charger
  • Replacement rubber foam seal
  • Carry case

Dimensions: 297 x 181 x 115mm

Charge time: 2 Hours

Working time (Full Charge): 1.5 Hours


Traditional suction cups are only capable of creating a good seal with flat, clean and airtight surfaces such as glass. However, Grabo’s unique seal allows the tool to adhere to rough, etched surfaces.

The maximum surface roughness which Grabo can attach to depends on the exact ‘profile roughness parameters’ (The geometry of peaks and valleys in the material) and is generally limited to an amplitude of about 2.5mm (0.1 inches). This capability allows Grabo to create a seal with the majority of patterned tiles, pavers and construction materials.

A porous surface is any surface that allows gas to flow through it. Many construction materials are porous to varying degrees. The most common porous construction materials are wood, concrete, rock, gypsum boards and many ceramics and tiles.

Standard “suction cups” can not hold porous materials for more than a few seconds, even if the surface is flat enough to create a seal. A vacuum cavity on top of a porous material will quickly fail as air seeps in through the material.

Grabo overcomes this and allows secure adhesion to these materials by constantly pumping out a large volume of air at a rate greater than the diffusion rate of air through the surface.

The physics behind the calculation of flow rates through different materials is both complex and interesting. The flow rate required from Grabo to keep a strong vacuum seal against a porous surface is generally described by a formula of generalized Murray’s law:

The flow rate is then multiplied by the surface area under the seal for a given pressure differential, which results in the flow rate and power requirement from Grabo’s internal electric pump.

However, as interesting as the engineering is, users of Grabo do not need to worry about science. All you need to know is the Grabo is designed to work well on some of the most common porous materials in the industry.