Joint-It Simple Ready to use Paving Jointing Mortar 20kg Tub (Choice of Colour)

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Colours Available: 

Neutral, Grey and Dark Grey

20kg Tub

Joint Sizes: From 3mm Wide & 25mm Deep

Coverage: Coverage depends on the size of your patio or paved surface and the size of your joints.

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Joint-It Simple is a revolutionary paving jointing mortar for paving slabs, natural stone etc.

Easy to apply fast application, simply just brush into the joint.

Can be applied in wet or dry weather.

Before using Joint-It Simple, make sure that your foundation/hardcore is water permeable, and that all debris has been removed from the surface of the paving slabs.


Soak the paving with water.

Empty the product onto the wet paving slabs and brush in using a hard bristle brush.

When the joints are full of the product, soak the paving again.

Any leftover product after use can be returned to the bucket and covered with clean water and must be used within 12 weeks.

Finish you paving by sweeping with a soft bristle brush.

​For joints from 3mm wide and 25mm deep

Ready to use


Fast application

Apply in wet or dry weather

Weed resistant

Frost resistant

Power-washer resistant





Walk-on within 24 hours