Kerakoll Keracem Eco Mineral Binder For High Performance Screeds 25kg Full Pallet (42 Bags Tail Lift)

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42x 25kg Bag

Coverage: 2-2.5kg/m² per cm of thickness

Min Depth:1mm

Max Depth:8mm

Tile After: Ceramic 24h, Hardwood 5 days

£620.00 ex vat
£744.00 inc vat

Eco-friendly, hydraulic, normal-setting and rapid-drying mineral binder for high-performance screeds and heat-radiant slabs.

Keracem Eco, mixed with inert materials of assorted grain size from 0-8mm, creates screeds of high dimensional stability and constant moisture stability, guaranteeing the rapid and safe laying of ceramic tile after 24 hours and hardwood floors after just 5 days.

High Dimensional stability and long-lasting performance.

Prolonged workability both in the manual and mechanical laying.

Coverage: 2-2.5kg/m² per cm of thickness

Eco2 rating