Larsens Professional Stain Resistant Narrow Joint Grout White 10kg

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Joint Sizes 1-4mm

Coverage Examples:

Dependent on the size of tile, joint width and joint depth.

Coverage = (L+ B) x W x D x 2.0 kg/m2 (L x B) 

Where: L = length of tile           B = breadth of tile 

W = width of joint                      D = depth of joint 2.0 = specific gravity of grout 

e.g. 200 x 150mm tile 3 mm deep, at 2 mm wide joint

Coverage = (200 + 150) x 2 x 5 x 2.0 = 0.23 kg/m2 (200 x 150)

£8.26 ex vat
£9.91 inc vat
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Professional Stain Resistant Narrow Joint White Grout is a specially formulated, flexible, cement based narrow joint grout.

It is manufactured using high quality fine fillers to improve ease of finishing and high performance additives and polymers to resist dirt pick-up. Professional Stain Resistant Narrow Joint Grout is suitable for grouting ceramic, fully vitrified tiles, natural stone and mosaics and in a variety of applications including overheated screeds, in power showers and swimming pools.

  • Advanced Stain Resistant Formulation
  • Up to 4mm Joint
  • Water Resistant
  • Resists fungal & mould growth
  • Flexible
  • BS EN 13888 Type CG2W

Standard Colours - White, Jasmine, Ivory, Beige, Brown, Silver Grey, Grey, Anthracite, Black