Montolit CPV 200mm Diamond Blade For Glass CPV200

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200mm Diamond Blade For Glass CPV200

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The glass tile diamond blade with continuous rim CPV is Montolit’s flagship product for wet cutting glass tile, glass mosaic and large sheets of glass up to 3 cm thick. Thanks to a special diamond with a very fine grain and the particular mixture that composes the diamond rim, CPV performs excellent cuts and finishing, almost eliminating chipping on both the surface of the glass tile and its painted side.

CPV is definitely a super-professional glass tile diamond blade . Manufacturers of ceramics and glass tile trust it so much they suggest using this particular diamond blade to avoid breakage, cracks or chipping during the delicate glass tile cutting phase.

Regarding cutting speed, we can include CPV among the fastest glass tile cutting diamond blades on the market. (The maximum speed is 6000 rpm)
When using a glass tile diamond
blade , the daily operation of reviving the saw with an abrasive stone is essential. We recommend you revive the blade several times every day if you use it continuously, in order to avoid its damage.
CPV is available in different diameters starting from 100mm up to 350mm.
Remember: abundant use of water is essential when using diamond blades to cut glass tiles or glass panels of any thickness