Montolit Stick Basic Tile Lifting System 300-80

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Max carry weight 40kg

Max size 1500mm

£395.99 ex vat
£475.19 inc vat

“STICK” (art. 300-80) Handling System for Large Format Tiles
Working with large format tiles can create several additional problems beside those related to the normal cutting and drilling operations.

Handling and transport can be very difficult and so with this in mind we have developed tools such as STICK!
STICK comprises of a bar equipped with telescopic handles that makes for easy safe lifting and positioning of large format tiles which measure up to 150cm with a weight up to 40 Kg

The tool has two large suction cups, which you position at will. These suction cups are equipped with a “vacuum” safety gauge that will show instantaneously any loss of adhesion with the tile.   This innovation is a superb indication for the advantage of security over safety.

“STICK” is made of galvanized steel to resist wear and corrosion.