Perfect Level Master PLM T-LOCK Small Starter Kit Medium 6-14mm Clip (Choice of Clip Size)

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Starter kit includes:

100 Clips (available in 1mm, 2mm or 3mm)

100 Wedges

Plastic reusable tub

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Kits are available in 1mm, 2mm or 3mm clips size

This leveling system was developed to guarantee that your tiles will lie perfectly flat on all surfaces. This system ensures that your tile installation will be leveled on the point tile to tile over its entire surface (each tile is leveled by all tiles around it).

It prevents tiles from warping as your adhesive cures.

It is also by far the best choice for large format tiles and stone slabs that are often bent because of their size. An advantage to using this system is that the process of laying tiles takes less time, as you do not have to level your tiles the traditional way.

For those who are uncomfortable around tools, there is a way of achieving perfectly level surfaces with the Perfect Level Master system.

Made from the highest quality plastic.

Clip does not break when driving a wedge, specifically designed to break after tiles have set.

Allows for use with the smallest tooth trowels.

Durable clips, reusable wedges

An extremely simple system