Recoil Heavy Duty Ergonomic Suspension Knee Pads

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"Recoil Kneepads™ - Heavy Duty Professional Knee Pads with Pressure Absorbing 6 Spring Suspension System, Ergonomic Knee-Hugging Foam and Soft, Durable Elastic Straps.

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  • 76% SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN PRESSURE REDUCTION. Our 6 spring suspension system is engineered to absorb the impact and spread pressure evenly across the knee joint.
  • PRECISELY ENGINEERED to PROTECT AND COMFORT. The heavy duty chassis and spring system resists penetration and provides multi-directional flexibility for every movement whilst the foam padding continuously comforts
  • MULTI-AWARD WINNING DESIGN. Unique stainless steel high flexibility spring suspension system in a contoured ANL100 Polyamide chassis to absorb impact
  • PREVENT KNEE RELATED INJURIES. Significantly Reduces the risk of developing joint related diseases such as Arthritis, OsteoArthritis which can cause severe knee pain and can lead to knee surgery or replacements

Recoil Kneepads, with our unique Recoil spring system, help protect your knees when kneeling while working, and reduce the possibility of long term damage from kneeling, by providing impact and penetration protection, pivoting support and cushioning.

Utilising a patent pending spring technology this new design sandwiches springs between two layers which absorb initial kneeling impact and then spreads pressure evenly across the knee joint - reducing pressures by up to a staggering 76%. Having been developed in 2013 by a product design engineer to address the needs of her father, a tradesman, this is the perfect knee pad for any professional TRADE WORKER, DIY or GARDENING enthusiast. Recoil addresses the problems with existing pads of pressure being focussed on the same part of the knee. The spring technology absorbs the initial impact; and then once in use the flat outer layer provides total grip of the floor while the curved inner layer provides better comfort and pressure reduction on the joint. The spring system sandwiched between the inner and outer layer means the wearer can pivot from side to side without the knee pad slipping off the joint and benefit from increased comfort and protection while undertaking their construction task in hand. The elongated shin strap also means the shin strap is located further down the leg to provide comfortable straps that don't cut into your legs like most straps do. Recoil: Professional Protection Engineered.