Schluter KERDI-200 2m x 15m Waterproofing Roll 30m²

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Length: 15m

Width: 2m

Thickness: 0.2mm

Polyethene Membrane

For bonded waterproofing assemblies

(Also available in per m²)

£350.77 ex vat
£420.92 inc vat

Schlüter-KERDI is a crack bridging waterproof membrane made of soft polyethene, which has been covered on both sides with a special fleece webbing to anchor the membrane in suitable tile adhesive.

Schlüter-KERDI features imprinted gridlines on one side for easier cutting. In addition to indicating how much material is left, the imprint also shows the minimum overlap width of 5 cm for working with multiple membrane sheets.

The waterproofing membrane should be bonded to an even, load-bearing substrate with an appropriate adhesive. The tiles are laid directly on Schlüter-KERDI using the appropriate adhesive and bedding for the chosen tile or stone. Other suitable trowel-applied covering materials or plaster may also be used.

Schlüter-KERDI-DS is a waterproofing membrane and vapour barrier bonded to a tile covering, e.g. for use in swimming pools and spa areas, as well as for commercial applications with high humidity levels.

Vapour barriers are suggested for moisture-sensitive substrates such as wood, plasterboard and gypsum plaster.

Schlüter®-KERDI is a polyethene, waterproofing mat with an anchoring fleece on both sides. It is suitable for waterproofing in conjunction with tiled surfaces on walls and floors. The high water vapour diffusion resistance of Schlüter®-KERDI-DS makes it suitable as a vapour barrier in bonded floor assemblies with tile coverings.