Sigma 3P2K KLICK KLOCK Professional Tile Cutter 102cm

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Cutting Length: 1020mm

Diagonal Cutting Length: 720mm


Please note - Cutting tiles thicker than 15mm isn't always possible using a manual cutter. For tiles thicker than 15mm a wet saw should be considered.

£344.28 ex vat
£413.14 inc vat

Sigma 3P2K KLICK KLOCK Professional Tile Cutter 102cm

Sigma 3P2K KLICK KLOCK Professional Manual Tile Cutter for Straight and Any Angle Repetitive Cutting on ALL Types of Tiles.

Push to Score Tiles

1020mm Straight cutting length.

720mm x 720mm tile cut diagonally.

19mm Maximum Cutting Thickness.

Powerful 1200kg Breaker.

5 year warranty

Weight 17.0kg.

Most spare parts available

The Sigma Series 3 KLICK KLOCK Professional Tile Cutter is designed to cut a range of tiles up to 19mm thick. This manual tile cutter has a tungsten carbide scoring wheel that scores the tile by pushing the breaker along the surface of the tile. Flipping the handle over and pushing down applies the breaker to the tile. This breaks the tile while the sprung-loaded base plates on the tile cutter absorb the impact.

The Sigma Series 3 KLICK KLOCK Professional Tile Cutter has a swivelling measurement bar rotates through 45 degrees in both directions with a scale to accurately determine the angle of cut. This measurement bar features two scales to allow the length of tile to be measured from the centre of the cutting line in either centimetres or inches.

This new version Sigma Series 3 KLICK KLOCK Professional Tile Cutter includes the quick-change system on the guide rail allowing the handle type to be changed to a standard or Max if required. These extra handles are not supplied with the Sigma tile cutter and must be purchased separately.

With a weight of 17kg, the maximum straight cut length is 1020mm and diagonal cuts can be made on tiles measuring up to 720 x 720mm.

Breaking Strength of this Sigma tile cutter is 1200kg