SiriSmart 68 Manual Tile Cutter 68cm ART. SI5068

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Cutting Lengths:

  • 68cm Straight Lengths
  • 48cm Diagonal Lengths

Other Sizes Available:

  • 57cm
  • 80cm
  • 90cm
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£371.99 inc vat
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Square can be oriented on either side, with scale for angles from -45 to +45, bar with inches and scale dor diagonal measurement

Square is pivoted on the cutting line to ensure accurate linear and diagonal cuts

Fitted with scratch-proof anti-slip rubber feet and side foldaway supports for big tiles.

Die-cast aluminium structure ensure sturdiness, reduced weight and extended life

Spring surface help tile de-attachment

Aluminium handle with special inner insert and scratch-proof protection

Handle designed for 0 to 2 cm cutting thickness