TSDA - Textured Dark Anthracite Schluter SHELF-N-S1 Trendline Textured Aluminium Curve Design Tile In Shelf For Schluter Niche

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TSDA - Textured Dark Anthracite

Trendline Textured Aluminium Curve design.

300mm x 87mm

4mm thick

£62.99 ex vat
£75.59 inc vat
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Schlüter-SHELF-N is simply fitted into niches made of Schlüter-KERDI-BOARD-N during tile installation. The shelf creates a centre storage area in your niches and visually matches the TRENDLINE profiles and the drainage solutions KERDI-LINE-STYLE and KERDI-DRAIN-STYLE

Designed to be used with Schluter Niches

Trendline Textured Aluminium Curve design.

Curve design made to match Schluter KERDI-LINE & KERDI-DRAIN.

300mm x 87mm

4mm Thick

Wall shelf and design element for tiled residential spaces

Schlüter-SHELF adds order and storage space to your bathroom - in the typical elegant style you've come to expect from Schlüter. The practical wall shelves also are a great fit for other tiled residential spaces: they can be easily integrated into tiled kitchen surfaces to provide storage for spices and cooking utensils. The wall shelves, available in five different shapes, are integrated into the tile surface without drilling, creating a stylish look.

Select the right shelf for your shower

Schlüter-SHELF offers a choice of the design variants FLORAL and CURVE. The same pattern can be found in the point drainage Schlüter-KERDI-DRAIN-STYLE and the linear drainage Schlüter-KERDI-LINE-STYLE. That creates a uniform bathroom design.

Timeless stainless steel or stylish structured coating

Classic elegance or tone-on-tone to match the colour of your tiles and joints. Schlüter-SHELF in the material varieties brushed stainless steel and aluminium with structured coating is available in the TRENDLINE colours ivory, stone grey and dark anthracite, offering the right solution for every style.

Subsequent installation

Schlüter-SHELF is not only suitable for use during tile installation. The subsequent attachment in the existing tile joint pattern couldn't be easier: Measure - carefully remove grout in the desired location - insert SHELF - apply silicone - DONE!

Overview of Schlüter-SHELF products:

Five different shapes: three corner solutions, a suspended wall shelf and niche installation

Two different designs: FLORAL or CURVE

Two different materials: brushed stainless steel or aluminium with TRENDLINE structured coating

Installation without drilling by integration into the joint pattern

Corner solutions can be retrofitted at any time