Ultra Tile ProLevel Ultimate Semi-Rapid High Performance Superior Flow Flexible Self Levelling Compound F5 20kg

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No Need To Prime.

20kg Bag

Coverage Approx.:

  • 4.0m² @ 3mm Thickness
  • 2.4m² @ 5mm Thickness
  • 1.0m² @ 12mm Thickness
  • 0.4m² @ 30mm Thickness

Min Depth: 2mm

Max Depth: 30mm

Tile After: 2.5 Hours

£19.99 ex vat
£23.99 inc vat

No need to prime & excellent adhesion to almost all substrates.

UltraTile ProLevel Ultimate is a semi-rapid curing, high-performance free-flowing single part smoothing underlayment.

The product’s unique formulation consists of a powdered blend of cements, polymers, graded fillers and additives.

It incorporates Ecosphere technology which is made with 20% recycled material for improved application and reduced environmental impact.

UltraTile ProLevel Ultimate is suitable over a wide range of subfloors at depths between 2-12mm and up to 30mm over good solid substrates such as concrete.

It is designed for use over a wide variety of subfloors including: concrete, sand & cement, calcium sulphate/anhydrite/hemihydrate screeds, existing cementitious underlayments, damp proof membranes, surface electrical radiant heating systems, flooring grade plywood, rigid steel, flooring grade asphalt and hard sound bitumen residues, cement or thermal backer boards porcelain, ceramic, quarry or terrazzo floors and moisture tolerant adhesive residues.

Decorative floor coverings can be applied to the internal subfloors in as little as 4 hours after the application of UltraTile ProLevel Ultimate.

Its protein-free formulation means it is ideal for use in biologically sensitive areas. A moisture tolerant formulation makes it suitable for the pre-smoothing of floors prior to the application of surface damp proof membranes (DPM) and moisture vapour suppressants (MVS). Due to its excellent adhesion characteristics, it can be used on most common substrates without the need to prime.