Amber Underfloor Heating/Decoupling Mat 15m² Roll

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The Amber decoupling membrane is a polypropylenemembrane with rounded square studs that form channels specially designed to embed and fasten electric heating cables.

Substrates that are suitable:

Concrete Floors

Timber Floors

Plywood Panels

Cement Screed

Anhydrite Screen 

Green Screed

Tile Back Boards

£150.00 ex vat
£180.00 inc vat

On the underside of the membrane there is a non-woven thermo-welded polypropylene fabric that ensures the membrane fixing is secure to the membrane.The Amber Decoupling Membrane us a decoupling membrane of 5.5mm thickness that does not require expansion joints in the screed before laying ceramic and natural stone tiles.  It is also a waterproofing membrane when the Amber waterproofing tape and sealant is used with the instructions supplied with the tape.