Compound Mitre Saw 100mm SW05

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For a perfect straight or Mitre cut every time.

Please order 1 of the blades list below if you are cutting Metal Tile Trim, the blade that comes with this mitre saw is for cutting Wood.

Mitre Saw Blade 550mm x 24t  Metal

£24.73 ex vat
£29.68 inc vat

A high quality compound action mitre saw designed for accurately cutting a variety of angles and mitres. This saw delivers perfect results when cutting angles for picture frames, architraves or beading. Its performance level when cutting compound, internal and external angles in coving and cornice makes this saw indispensable when fitting kitchens and built-in units.

The saw table is constructed from a rigid plastic one-piece moulding, with the saw retained firmly in position by four solid chrome plated guide rods. This assembly provides a rigid platform for guaranteeing accurate angles,and plastic saw supports allow easy movement of the blade through both the horizontal and sawing planes.

The saw is equipped with a material clamp, a depth stop and an adjustable length stop to help make repetitive cuts simple but precise.

Blades are available for cutting a wide variety of materials including wood, plastic and metal.

Automatic setting of horizontal angles:
15, 22.5, 30, 36, 45 and 90 degrees

Automatic setting of vertical angles:
15, 22.5, 30, 36, 45 and 90 degrees

Two-way material clamp

Cuts heights up to 100mm

Adjustable length stop

Interchangeable saw blade

Converts to a conventional hand saw in seconds