HardieFoam™ Adhesive Heavy Duty Fast Fix Adhesive For HardieBacker Tile Backerboard 750ml

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No screws needed

No mixing, no mess

Quick to install.


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A heavy duty fast fix adhesive, for the quick and easy install of HardieBacker tile backerboard.

HardieBacker tile backerboard can be installed onto masonry walls made of brick, block and concrete plus structual timber and concrete screede floors.

If using on floorboards, you must ensure the floor is level and is sound from deflection.


Easy and ready to use

Fast curing

High filling capacity


Can be applied on wet surfaces

B2 fire rated (DIN4102

Thermal and acoustic insulator

Ready to tile or plaster in 1 hour

Sufficient for about 5 HardieBacker Boards

Instructions for use:

Substrates should be clean and free of dust and grease.

Shake can thoroughly for 30 seconds.

Fit the tube onto the valve.

Slightly dampen the surfaces.

Hold the can upside down and extrude the foam by pressing bar.

Apply adhesive in beads of about 3cm on HardieBacker Board, covering at least one third of the surface when pressed.

Wait for about 5 minutes before fixing the board onto a vertical surface.

Press firmly for optimal grab and hold for a minute.

After use clean nozzle and valve.

For more detailed instructions visit www.jameshardie.co.uk