Tile Nippers

We stock a range of tile nippers, also known as tile snips. As an essential tool in any tiler’s arsenal, they can be used to quickly and easily nip small pieces from the edge of the tiles, ensuring they fit perfectly. Whether you’re looking to nip ceramic, porcelain or mosaic tiles, you’ll find the right tile nipper for your requirements below. The Rubi ceramic tile nippers are perfect for rectifying ceramic tile cuts, especially in tile and glazed stoneware, whilst the Rubi Mosaic tile nippers are cleverly designed with a curved edge and tungsten carbide tips, so this tool is perfect for cutting pieces of glass mosaic.

Whether you’re looking for a brand new pair of standard nippers, a pair with a super comfortable grip or a versatile solution that can deliver exceptional quality for a range of materials and thicknesses, you’ll find everything you could possibly need below. We also provide the Standard and Mosaic Replacement Springs, ensuring you do not need to fork out on a new pair, even if they do ‘lose their spring’ over time.

If you need any further information, or any assistance from our team in placing an order, please call us 01604 859800.


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