Ghelfi Fenomen 2 Roller Washboy Set With Pedal-Operated Float Squeezing System

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24L Wash Boy Set (can be used standing)

Features a unique pedal-operated floor float squeezing system.

Suitable for use with hand and floor washboy sponges.

£175.00 ex vat
£210.00 inc vat

24L Washboy suitable for cleaning and remove grout/grout residue on wall and floor tiles.

Perfect for use on big floors.

Set comes with:

Washing bucket complete with metal grates, 2 x nylon rollers, and pedal operated squeezing system

1 x High-absorption sweepex hydro solid-cut hand washboy sponge

1 x High-absorption sweepex hydro Floor sponge 

1 x Aluminium handle bar