HardieBacker Board 6mm 800mm x 1200mm

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Thickness: 6mm

- Easy To Install
- High Strength 
- No loose Aggregate Or Filler
- 90% Portland Cement & Sand
- Water Resistant

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£9.38 ex vat
£11.26 inc vat

With its unique cement formulation, Hardie® Backer board has no loose aggregates or fillers, making it the strongest, most uniform composition. Moisture and mould-sensitive areas like kitchens and bathrooms are particularly prone to the negative influence of water on tile backer boards. Whereas traditional materials such as plywood and plasterboard are liable to break or disintegrate when wet, have confidence that your job will last with a board that stays strong and firm, no matter how damp it gets. Get the best protection against moisture damage when you use HardieBacker® board. It’s the floor tiling backer board of choice wherever superior performance is required. The light, easy-to-cut, no-mesh board features our exclusive EZ Grid recessed pattern, making installation even easier.

HardieBacker board is impervious to water damage and won’t rot, swell, or warp like plywood, even in the wettest conditions.

Mould resistant
MouldBlock™ Technology protects your job from unseen mould growth behind walls. Our boards contain no paper facing, a food source for mould, or gypsum, which can disintegrate with continuous water exposure.

Fire resistant
Our board is non-combustible and carries an A1 fire rating.

Strongest on the market
Highest flexibility and up to three times the compressive strength of competitive boards. Holds up to 100 kg/m².

Easy to install
Lightweight and easy to cut with a single score and snap. Sink in screws easily, quickly and securely.

Simple score and snap
Make 2-3 passes with a HardieBacker Score and Snap Knife or any utility knife. Place one hand and knee firmly along the score line and use the opposite hand to pull the board up to snap cleanly in two.

A strong foundation
Tighter seam lines make for a stronger underlay.

Less mess
Less mess and cleaning up when using the score and snap method.

No abrasive debris to scratch floors and sanitary fittings.

Less dust
Less dust with cleaner cuts.

HardieBacker® tile backerboard is CE and BBA approved with certificate no. 04/4100. The product meets the EN 12467 standard and has a class A1 non-combustibility rating.