Marmox Shower Niche (Various Sizes)

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Various sizes available

Completely waterproof

Ready to tile

All niches are made with 12.5mm thick board and fit wall cavities 100mm or deeper

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The Marmox Shower Niche provides a low-cost, easily installed and completely waterproof option.

These shower niches are comprised of an extruded polystyrene core coated on either side with a thin but robust layer of fibreglass reinforced polymer concrete.

Marmox Shower Niches are fixed to the wall usually on a frame so that the front lip of the niche is flush with the Marmox Multiboard on the wall. The joints between the shower niche and the Multiboard are sealed together with Marmox Waterproof Tape.

Their ease of use, practical benefits and elegant appearance could make a Marmox Shower Niche the perfect addition to your wet room shower. Shower niches are extremely practical when wet rooms are being created and work exceptionally well with Marmox Multiboards.