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PREMTOOL DC Tile Matting Decoupling Membrane 30m2

Fast & Easy Installation

Decouples The Tiles And Bridges Any Cracks

Suitable For A Wide Variety Of Substrates

Ideal For Renovation Work

Height Of Mat: 3mm

Size: 30m²

Note: It is recommended to use a 4mm x 4mm notched trowel to fit Premtool DC Matting.

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£191.99 INC VAT

£159.99 EX VAT


Premtool DC Tile Matting Decoupling membrane is used to decouple the tiles and bridge cracks. The matting helps to evenly distribute weight throughout the floor so that tiles are able to withstand more stress.

Ideal for renovation work. At mat joints, we recommend the use of sealing tape.

The woven mesh creates a key for the tile adhesive to bond tiles to the matting. It is then fixed to the underlying substrate with tile adhesive using the non-woven fabric as an adhesive carrier. For floors where high loads are expected, the load-bearing capacity of the product may be increased by applying more tile adhesive than simply encompassing the net strands, to fill the formed cavities.

Please Note: Premtool DC Matting is not suitable for laying under thin or large-format floor tiles (”slimline tiles”). There is a risk of them breaking. In addition, small-format tiles under 50 x 50mm must not be used either.

It is recommended to use a 4mm x 4mm notched trowel to fit Premtool DC Matting.


Sheet Thickness: nominal 0.50 mm.
Stud Height (net): approx. 3 mm.
Construction height: approx. 4.5 mm.
Unit Weight: 0.600 kg/m².
Loading Performance: defined by tile specification.
Working Temperature: -10° to 60°C.
Installation Temperature: +5° to 40°C.
Storage Temperature: max. 45°C.
Softening Temperature: +160°C.
Stud Filling Volume: 1.1 litre/m² tile adhesive.
Life Expectancy: at least 50 years for defined applications.
Colour: grey, white, and green.

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