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Schluter DITRA 25 Uncoupling Membrane 30m2 Roll

Easy Fill & Easy Cut Uncoupling Matting



Vapour Management

Load Transfering

Thickness: 3.5mm 

Size: 30m²

Recommended Trowel Size: 4 x 4 mm

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Tile installation with Schlüter-DITRA is now even easier. Air release vents mean filling the cavities is effortless with fewer trowel passes. Pre-formed grooves make straight and precise cutting easier than ever. Enhanced undercuts give an even stronger anchoring of the tile to the membrane.

Application & Function:

Schlüter-DITRA is a polypropylene membrane with EasyCut gridlines as well as square, dovetailed EasyFill recesses and an anchoring fleece laminated to the underside. In conjunction with tile coverings, Schlüter- DITRA provides waterproofing, vapour pressure equalisation for underside moisture and uncoupling for problematic substrates. The substrate must be level and load-bearing. DITRA is installed in a thin-bed tile adhesive that is suitable for the substrate, using a notched trowel (Recommended Size: 4 x 4 mm). The anchoring fleece on the underside of DITRA is fully embedded and the fabric bonds with the adhesive. The curing time of the adhesive must be observed.

The tile covering is installed directly over DITRA in accordance with the applicable regulations, using the thin-bed method. The thin-bed tile adhesive bonds with the square dovetailed recesses of the DITRA membrane.


Schlüter-DITRA uncouples the covering from the substrate and neutralises stresses between the substrate and the tile covering that result from various deformations. It also bridges tension cracks from the substrate and prevents them from affecting the tile covering.


Schlüter-DITRA is a waterproof polypropylene membrane with a relatively high water vapour diffusion seal.
With properly installed abutting joints and carefully sealed transitions to walls and structural elements, DITRA creates a certified bonded waterproofing assembly with the tile covering.
Schlüter-DITRA can be installed in accordance with the waterproofing standards 18531-5 or 18534 applicable in Germany. Water exposure classes: W0-I to W3-I*. DITRA also features the national technical approval (abP) required in Germany.
The use of system-certified tile adhesives is mandatory in areas that require assemblies according to abP (certificate of technical approval). Please contact us at the address listed in this data sheet for further information about such tile adhesive products and the corresponding certificates of technical approval.
Schlüter-DITRA effectively protects the sub-structure from damage caused by permeating moisture or aggressive substances.

Vapour pressure equalisation:

The air channels of Schlüter-DITRA, which remain open on the underside, also enable vapour pressure equalisation in case of moisture impact from below.

Load distribution (load induction):

Tiles installed over DITRA in floor areas should have a minimum size of 5 x 5 cm and a thickness of at least 5.5 mm. The adhesive-filled, square recesses of Schlüter-DITRA transfer mechanical stresses impacting the tile covering directly to the substrate. That makes tile coverings installed on DITRA especially durable. The tiles for the corresponding application area must be sufficiently thick and have adequate compressive stability to withstand high traffic loads (e.g. in commercial areas) or large point loads (such as concert pianos, forklifts, or shelf systems). The information and tile thicknesses specified in the ZDB information sheet "Ceramic floor coverings with high mechanical stress resistance", valid in Germany, must be observed.
Tiles in high-stress areas must be solidly embedded in the tile adhesive. The impact of hard objects must be avoided on ceramic coverings.

Bonded assembly:

Based on the fleece fabric bond in the thin-set mortar on the substrate, and through mechanical anchoring of the thin-set mortar in the square, dovetailed recesses, Schlüter-DITRA creates a strong bond between the tile assembly and the substrate. That makes Schlüter-DITRA suitable for wall and floor installation. Additional anchoring wall plugs may be used as needed for the attachment of wall coverings.


 -Gypsum Based Screeds
 -Heated Screeds
 -Screed Boards & Composite Panels
 -Masonry / Mixed Substrates
 -Gypsum Plaster & Bricks
 -Balconies & Terraces
 -Roof Terraces
 -Vinyl Coverings & Coatings
 -Plywood, Chipboard & Compressed Wood Panels
 -Hardwood Floors
 -Flooring Grade Asphalt (Bitumen) Screeds
Material: Polypropylene Membrane
Thickness: 3.5mm
Size: 30m²

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