Schluter KERDI-SHOWER-LS Shower Tray KSL

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Range of Sizes:

100cm x 100cm x H=42mm

140cm x 140cm x H=50mm


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Schlüter®-KERDI-SHOWER-L is a sloped tray of pressure resistant polystyrene with a matching optional levelling board of rigid XPS foam.

The set is specifically designed to match the linear drainage system Schlüter®-KERDI-LINE (see product data sheet 8.7).

The sloped tray with a gradient of 2% features a surface of Schlüter®-KERDI waterproofing membrane and is packaged in a folded format for easy transportation.

For intermediate installation an adapted sloped tray is installed on both sides of the linear drain, while the wall version uses a design in which the sloped tray abuts the linear drain on one side.

The thickness of the levelling board, combined with the sloped tray, matches the height of the channel support (for the horizontal drain).

The levelling board features a tongue and groove design and also comes in two parts. After height adjustment of the levelling board (with horizontal drain), the sloped tray is adhered over the levelling board with tile adhesive and placed next to the channel support to fit flush with the surface.

The installation of Schlüter®-KERDI-LINE-V for vertical drainage allows for assembly heights as low as 24 mm. The levelling board is not used in these cases.