Sigma 10M9 Wet Saw 240V (2200 Watt Motor) 10M9

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Cutting Length Sliding Bed: 750mm

Cutting Length Fixed Bed: ∞mm 

Diagonal Cutting Length: 430mm

£1259.59 ex vat
£1,511.51 inc vat
  • Ideally suited for heavy work and fitted with a powerful 1.5HP 1100w Motor.
  • Comes complete with a 74C Settori Ravvicinati 'J' Slot 300mm x 30mm diametre Diamond Blade. (Normal List price £150.00 + vat)
  • The sliding work table movement is by quality ball bearings. 
  • Length of cut using sliding table 750mm. (430 x 430mm tile Diagonally)
  • Length of cut using Fixed table 0 - 2000mm (Using the 85G Square which is normally an extra item, but is included at the moment)
  • Folding table for mitreing.
  • Robust with excellent build quality for durability and long life.
  • Sliding table has been designed for easy cleaning in mind.
  • Wet saw can be broken down into 2 parts for easy transport. (Motor assembly = 33.0kg   Sliding table = 22.0kg    Stand = 6.0kg)