Ultra Floor Level It Super 30 Two Part Rapid Setting Self Levelling Compound 20kg Full Pallet (48 Bag & Bottle Tail Lift)

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20kg Bag & 4L Bottle

- Use Over Most Common Subfloors

- UFH compatible

- Low odour

- Protein free

- Max Depth: 15mm

- Tile After: 45 Mins

- Coverage: Approx 6m² at 2mm

£1,053.60 ex vat
£1,264.32 inc vat

UltraFloor Level IT Super30 is a high strength, rapid setting and drying smoothing underlayment. A two-component system consisting of a powered blend of high specification cement, graded fillers and additives and a pre-gauged polymer liquid. UltraFloor Level IT Super30 is suitable for depths between 2-15mm.

Specifically designed for use over a wide variety of subfloors including concrete, sand & cement, calcium sulphate/anhydrite/hemihydrate screeds, damp proof membranes and underfloor heating systems. Floor coverings can be applied to internal subfloors within 90 minutes for bonded applications and in as little as 45 minutes for unbonded applications. UltraFloor Level IT Super30 is not a moisture tolerant formulation, therefore it is not suitable for the pre-smoothing of subfloors prior to the application of a surface damp proof membrane (DPM) or a moisture vapour suppressant (MVS). It is also not suitable for applications where a damp proof course (DPC) is not present within the integrity of the building. Its protein-free formulation means that it can be used in biologically sensitive areas.

UltraFloor recommends that subfloors should be primed prior to the application of UltraFloor Level IT Super30.

- Foot traffic in as little as 30 minutes

- Ready to receive unbonded floor coverings after 45 minutes and bonded coverings in 90 minutes

- Use over most common subfloors

- UFH compatible

- Low odour Protein free

Coverage Reates:
- @ 2mm - 6.0m²
- @ 5mm - 2.4m²
- @ 10mm - 1.2mm²

Specification: BS EN 13813:2002
Screed Classification: CT-C35-F7
Working time at 20°C: 10 mins
Walk on hardness time at 20°C: 30 mins
Ready to receive floor coverings (based on 3mm application):
- Unbonded - 45 minutes
- Bonded - 90 minutes
Compressive Strength (N/mm²) (to BS EN 13892-2):
- 1 Day: 20.0
- 7 Days: 29.0
- 28 Days: 35.0
Flexural Strength (N/mm²) (to BS EN 13892-2):
- 1 Day: 3.0
- 7 Days: 4.0
- 28 Days: 7.0
- Packaging: 20kg bag/4 litre bottle