Tile Backer Boards Available to Order Now4th May 2022

Discover a leading range of tile backer boards from your one stop tile tool shop.

Pro Tiler Tools has an extensive range of tile backer boards available to customers, all from top industry names.

Why do You Need to Use Tile Backer Boards?

The types of materials that might traditionally have been used with tiles – such as plywood and plasterboard – are likely to break, disintegrate and warp over time. This is particularly the case in rooms with high moisture levels such as kitchens and bathrooms, which also happen to be where tiling is most commonly used. You can ensure excellent protection and longevity from your tiling when you use quality backer boards.

Tile Backer Board Range

We supply a range of tile backer boards to meet your every need. Learn more about them and which brand will be right for you.

Hardie Backer Board: a floor tiling backer board that provides superior performance. This product features a unique cement formulation and does not contain any loose aggregate or filler, giving it a strong and uniform composition – it is three times the strength of other boards. You will also benefit from less mess/dust and non-abrasive debris, protecting flooring and sanitary fittings. This product is available in 6mm thickness.

Jackoboard: perfect for interior construction and furnishings. Jackoboard Plano construction boards are perfect for interior construction and furnishings, while Jackoboard Plano Premium boards are ideally suited to different wall applications. Premium boards can also be used as thermal insulation.

KERDI-BOARD: KERDI-BOARD is available in sheet sizes of 62.5cm x 125cm and 62.5cm x 260cm, in multiple thicknesses. KERDI-BOARD is very lightweight as well as strong. It is a multifunctional tile substrate that allows tile-ready elements to be built quickly.

Marmox Board: this is a simple insulating tile backer board in 6mm or 10mm thicknesses. It has an extruded polystyrene base with a polymer cement surface, including a layer of fibreglass. These boards are cost-effective and can be used between cold concrete/wooden substrates and tiles.

Delta Board: Tilemaster Delta Boards consist of high-density extruded polystyrene, making them extremely thermally efficient. They are multi-purpose construction boards that are suitable for the application of all tile types, and they can be fixed with cement based tile adhesives.

Wedi Board: Choose Wedi Board in sizes of 2500mm x 600mm or 2500mm x 625mm, with different thicknesses available. Wedi Board provides a tile ready surface that is 100% waterproof, and it’s easy to cut – it’s ideal for use in bathrooms. The boards have a blue XPS core and a fibre fabric cemented shell, and they are also very well insulated.

No More Ply: choose from a 6mm pre-primed backer board or a 22mm floorboard. The No More Ply backer board is A1 fire rated, water-resistant and extremely strong – it will strengthen timber floors ahead of tiling. The floorboards are designed for use with floors finished in tiles and have a tongue and groove connection.

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