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Pro Tiler Tools are a small, family run business who provides an excellent essential service to all tilers in the tiling industry. We cater for busy tilers who have a limited amount of time between their jobs. Our website provides a simple and easy way to buy essential tiling tools in the convenience of your own home or office. We are able to operate a speedy next day delivery service causing no disruption to you or your business, enabling you to get your jobs done efficiently and effectively as soon as possible. If you need. a tiling tool we have an extensive range of tiling tools available for you to choose from which will suit your individual tiling job and budget. We have an extensive range of specialist tile tools from a selection of suppliers such as Rubi, Marcrist, Fein and Rotozip. Our quality assured tile tools can be easily ordered and delivered straight to your door.

Ceramic Tiling Tools - Tools for Tiling! We have a variety of popular tiling tool products, the latest tiling tool products and special offers on a selection of tiling tools for you to choose from. We provide a wide variety of high quality tiling tools at reasonable prices so you can get the best for less. With our wide selection of ceramic tiling tools, tiling consumables, tiling clothing and safety gear we pride ourselves on our comprehensive selection of tools for tiling. We not only have a vast selection of tools for tiling, we also offer expert advice on all tools and equipment listed on our website. With an endless selection of essential tiling tools such as tile cutters, diamond blades, Fein Mulitmaster, trowels, grouting, lasers, hammers, chisels, files and much more you will be spoilt for choice. Whether you need your first tool kit as a newly qualified tiler or just updating your existing tool kit as an experienced tiler we can assist you in your search. Why trail through thousands of websites and visit a variety of tiling stores when you can come directly to Pro Tiler Tools, who offer you an extensive range of quality assured tools at reasonable prices with a swift next day delivery. We believe we offer a unique service and cater to every tilers individual needs, so if you require any more information or advice on our ceramic tiling tools listed on our website please do not hesitate to contact us. Let the experts help you with all your tiling needs today! Ever since we started selling the Marcrist range of Diamond products we have come to realise from our customers that the products really are the best that money can offer. Initially we started selling just their Tiling Products which included the CK850 super fast tile cutting blade which cuts all tiles from the ceramic, marble, granite, natural stone and even the hardest of Porcelain tiles. Also available in their tile cutting range is the CK750 and Turbolite tile blades. Other blades within the tiling range include the TG750 tile grout removing blade and the CC750 curve cutting blade. For tile drilling there is nothing on the market better than the Marcrist PG850 Super Professional tile drills, like the CK850 blade, these tile drills will drill perfect holes in any tile up to the hardest of porcelain. The PG850 is a wet drilling system which can be initially purchased in kit form, Starter Kit, Bathroom Kit or the Piping Kit. Also available in the Marcrist tile drilling range includes the PG750X Dry Drilling Tile Drills, these vacuum brazed tile drills are designed to drill ceramic to porcelain tiles, dry, then for the occasional user who needs to drill a limited amount of holes Marcrist offer the Turbolite tile drills. After a very high demand for other Marcrist products we decided to add their Diamond Core Drilling Range to our web site, this included the DDM2, DDM3 & DDM4 professional diamond core drill machines, both the Marcrist DDM2 & Marcrist DDM3 can be used either hand held or rig mounted on either the Marcrist DS150 or Marcrist DS250 drill stand (rig) and both machines can drill up to 200mm wet or dry. The Marcrist DDM4 is designed as a rig mounted unit only and fits onto the DS250 and can drill up to 250mm wet or dry. Soon to be launched will be their new lightweight but heavy-duty Marcrist DDM1 Diamond Core Drill, this unit will be designed for the general plumber who only wants to drill occasional holes and it will drill up to 152mm. We also offer the Marcrist diamond core range which includes the Marcrist CCU850X which can be used to drill holes in general building materials dry or occasionally wet, the CCU850X is the fastest drilling most universal diamond core. Also available is the DCU750X and Turbolite ranges, both these ranges are designed to drill general materials dry. For very hard materials like reinforced concrete Marcrist offer the WCU850X fully wet diamond core range. Both the CCU850X 9 Piece Combi Core Toolbox and the Turbolite 11 Piece Dry Core Toolbox are available on the web site. Marcrist also offer a full diamond blade range to cut literally all building materials. Within this range is the new “state of the art” BF850 SilentMax Diamond blade, not only is this blade the fastest precision cut blade ever, but also help to reduce the noise levels in any work place, this new technology makes the new SilentMax blades up to 16x quieter than a standard diamond blades. Also available within the Marcrist range includes the general purpose blades Mi850 fast cutting, Mi750 long life and BF750 precision cut blades, as well as a Turbolite GP blades for the occasional or light user. For other applications there is the AM750 for very abrasive products, AS750 for Asphalt (tarmac), CB750 concrete blade, HM750 for hard materials, MA750 marble & slate blade CR850 & MC850 superabrasive diamond blade which cuts anything but mainly metal applications, CG570 4in1 blade for cutting and grinding, BC750 used for cutting and bevelling pipes and the VC750 Rip-Cut blade designed to do anything a chain saw can and can’t. Marcrist also offer a full range of grinding heads for smoothing concrete to removing adhesive, plus motor ranging blades and pins.